Architectural Glass

Do you want to build a new building or rebuild an older one? Do you only need to reglaze or start from scratch by tearing out a wall and installing the framing? If you have the CAD files, we can review, comment and quote. Our creative staff can help you cost effectively create the look you want. If it’s an etched glass handrail or an entire graphic laminated wall or entranceway, we can help spec it and supply it at moderate costs and in short time. We’ll supply double laminated Insulated windows combining tempered and annealed glass for extra strength and security. No matter what type or scale of project you have before you, we can meet all your architect’s glass needs. We can take care of large commercial projects for hotels and apartments as well as for residential custom designs and renovations. We offer annealed or tempered glass up to 130 x 290 x 3/4 inches. We even offer special-use glass fabrications from reception window kits to mirrors to non-spotting shower glass, all available with full installation in most locations.


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Typical Application Apartments
Exterior and Interior Signage (Backlighted)
Large Commercial
Non Slip Stairs
Non-Spotting Shower Glass
Reception Window Kits
Residential Custom Designs
Special-use Glass Fabrications
Elevator Cab Glass Wall
Type of Interlayer EVA
Material Annealed Glass
Tempered Glass 
Low Iron
Benefits Knowledge of all glass processes saves you time and money
Type of Glass Annealed Glass
Bent Glass
Chemically Strengthened Glass
Float Glass
Glass Brick
Heat-Strengthened Glass
Insulated Glazing, Or Double Glazing
Molded Glass
Plate Glass
Prism Glass
Rolled Plate Glass
Self-Cleaning Glass
Sheet Glass
Toughened Glass (Tempered Glass)
Size (LxW) 4 x 4 up to 130 x 290 Inch 
Product Volume Unlimited
Secondary Operations Acid Etching
Bottles and bottle printing
Bullet Proof Glass
Cat I & II Vinyl applications
Glass Bending
Patterned Glass
Sand Blasting
Screen Printing